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Art Director, Concept Artist, Painter

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I am first of all an Artist and Vampire!

Black is my Happy Colour! 🦇


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My many roles are:

Full-time Art Director at the super cool Scruffy Dog Creative Group
2) Freelance Vis Dev/Concept Artist, Illustrator across multiple industries
3) Secret Role within the CG Software & Technology Industry

- I am also a Painter Master Elite and Xencelabs Artist!
- Educator, doing do tutorials, webinars, workshops and speak at CG events.
- Indie Filmmaker

The past few years I have transitioned for Theme Parks, Entertainment and Software & Technology Industries, having previously done art for Music, Books, Traditional Games and Education.

Along my 19 years of career, my roles varied from Art Director, Concept / Vis Dev Artist, Lecturer, Illustrator, Marketing Artist/Graphic Designer, etc. My work has been published by Indie Clients as well as large Global Corporations.

I have work published in the following countries:
Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, Denmark, Germany, United States, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, France, Japan.



For business or art-related questions

Send me an e-mail or contact me via messages on Linked-In.

I don't do private commissions.

Do not contact if you are concerned about 'price' or 'fees'.

Thank you!

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