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Stories of the CG Community - Covid19

It is a casual short documentary where people from all corners of the globe and the CG Community share how the Pandemic affected their personal lives, work and business.
These are beautiful real-life stories that will inspire you and help you feel connected.

It counts with the participation of Patrice Leymarie (, Carla Osterheld (Filmmaker/VFX Artist), Temarius Walker (Concept Artist in Games), Alzira Pacheco (Developer/Artist), Ade Smith (, Steven Ford (University Teacher, Art Director), Sara Saeed (2D & 3D Artist) and was created by Isis Sousa (VisDev Artist, Art Lecturer)

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FREE: Minimalist Realism Sketch - IN-DEPTH/advanced class @ IAMAG

This is the follow-up In-Depth/advanced class for Minimalist Realism Sketch.

It is a painting technique based on SYNTHESIS and has focus on:

- simplification of process

- breaking complexity into manageable parts

- understanding shapes and silhouettes

  1. - identifying colour-value

- compressing light into less values

This technique is for you who want to train your artistic perceptions, unwire from doing polished work, practise a different way of sketching, and sharpen your overall skills.

It's fully available for free at the IAMAG VIDEO LIBRARY.
You need to register to have access.

You can watch an excerpt on Youtube:
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Fundamentals for painting skin and hair with Corel Painter Airbrush

This is a commissioned class by Corel Painter with focus on the versatility of their airbrush - a great tool for painting hair and skin. So here you learn some principles, that will help you accomplish these with this one tool.

This is also helpful if you use other programs, as you can apply these principles to similar brushes, such as the common round brush with soft edges!

This is not a class about the fundamentals of portraiture. (I am working on that and hope to publish it in a near future!)

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More resources coming soon! Stay tuned!


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