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See some of my Personal Stuff

Since around 2018 I took the decision to display only Personal Works at my website/portfolio.

The main reason is that for most of my career, my Gallery was composed of client work – and many times, up to that point, the client work did not reflect my deepest nuances, visions and beliefs as artist.


I want that clients who hire me look at my personal work and make their decision based on personal skills and artistic sensibility. This way, more and more clients and I are in sync to create projects that I enjoy working on as an artist, while delivering a result that the client will love.


Yes, a very important thing I have learned through my career is that JOY is a key factor for success!

Personal Explorations & Sketches

(UNDER CONSTRUCTION!) some new and some old, since 2011


Lighting, anatomy, textures, still life +