INTEL Sargent Brushes Class 5 by Isis So


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Only tracked purchases will donate to Charity!

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Purchase Corel Painter 2021 from my website and Contribute 10% of the fee to Charity!


I am an authorised seller of Corel Painter 2021 and I decided to join their Affiliate Program to use the commission fee for the purposes of donating to great charities.

When you buy this amazing software clicking the product to the right with my tracking link, 10% of the purchase value (my seller fee) goes to Share The Meal - United Nations food Program!

Painter is my #1 Art Software, and if you are new to it, it has great tools for drawing, comic book art, painting, concept art, photo art, etc. It has a huge library of brushes for all tastes and purposes - and many of these brushes have a quite organic look/traditional media appeal, which are a must if you have a traditional arts background.

If you are purely into digital art, Painter has many cool digital brushes with a more CG look, too!

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Subscribe to IAMAG Master Classes!

I recommend IAMAG Master Classes to any artist - aspiring or a veteran, to keep learning with the best artists in the Industry!

I have been in the 'in person' events before the Pandemic and I highly recommend their recorded and LIVE classes/talks. Besides, you have access to a great community of like-minded people, where you can share all things art and your progress in learning!

I don't earn any commission fees when you subscribe to this service - I share it here because I have been part of the 'family' since before it came to exist. You will find some of my content there as well.

When you buy a susbcription to the IAMAG Master Classes, you help sustain a great art community and service created by artists for artists!